Welcome to Pack 67!

Pack 67's Chartered Organization is the Nativity of Our Lord in Saint Paul Minnesota.

Upcoming Events & News

Pinewood Derby Awards & Trophies

Design Awards - (8 1st place and 8 2nd place)

Best in Show - 1 large trophy

Fastest Cars - Each Rank

Fastest Car in the Pack - 1 large trophy

How to build a FAST Pinewood Derby Car!  Free ebook!

Fall Campfire

Join us for a Fall campfire at the next Cub Scout Pack meeting, Tuesday October 24th 6pm at Nativity School!  If your child is interested in trying out Scouting, please join us for this "fun for the entire family" event!  The campfire will features skits, songs, treats and more!  

Fall Rockets 2023

The Fall rocket launch event was a lot of fun and with our upgrades to the launch pad, much more successful.  Most of the rockets went up, popped a chute and drifted toward the Scouts waiting below.  We lost a few to the trees and one rocket simply disappeared after we had launched it with an upgraded engine.  Below is a slo-mo of a launch, enjoy!

Popcorn 2023/24 Kickoff

New Scouts

Hi prospective new Scouts and parents!

We typically meet the first and third Tuesdays of each month (holiday dependent) at 6pm at Nativity School Cafeteria in St. Paul.  From there, your child would join our grade-level Dens to work on advancing on to the next year's rank.  We also have many events (scroll down for them!) throughout the year.

We also have a Parent Handbook to help you get started.

Yours in Scouting,

Morgan - Cub Master

Religious Emblems

Hi parents,

Spirituality is a key component to Scouts and is integral to both the Scout Law and Oath.  During the month of January the Pack will offer an opportunity to work with local faith-based organizations  to complete the Religious Emblems program (I remember going through this program as a child).

At Pack 67, we have a number of Catholic Scouts who are eligible for two age-based awards: Light of Christ (6-7 year olds) and Parvuli Dei (8-10 year olds).  The programs are designed to “recognize a young person’s growth in faith and how they live out their Catholic faith” (from NCCS website).  Nativity hosts an awards ceremony during the homily at Mass on Scout Sunday (2/5/2023). If you would like your Scout to participate, please let me know (parental involvement will be needed to complete the program)!

As I’m not aware of all of our Scout’s religious affiliations, I’m happy to work with you and your Scout on your faith’s religious emblems!  I found the full list so let’s get started!



Rocket Video from our Fall Event

If you watch carefully, the big blue two-stage rocket almost hits the drone capturing the video!

Pack 67 2022 Two Stage Launch.mp4

Gertens Flower Sale through 10/20/2022

2022/2023 Parent Letter

We begin the program officially with a Pack Meeting after the Nativity County Fair (so mid-September) and we run the program through May.   We have one Pack meeting a month where we discuss past events, talk about upcoming events, honor the hard work by the Scout as they work on their advancements and usually have a special event, like a craft, a visit by a local organization, or a Cub Scout event like Raingutter Regata.

Our Pack sends a large group of Scouts to each of the Council's Camping events:

In between the Council's events, the Pack hosts rocket launches in mid September and May, a Fishing Trip, the Rain Gutter Regatta and Pinewood Derby.  We also have visits from the Raptor Center where they bring falcons, hawks and eagles as well as visits from the St. Paul Fire Department.  

The Pack leadership committee is working on the schedule and we will publish that soon.

A note on uniforms: families are expected to provide (at a minimum) the blue (or brown if Webelos/AOL) shirt along with the Pack number (67) patches, a belt, the neckerchief and clasp as well.  The Scout shop will ask about if the Pack provide neckerchief and clasp.  The Pack provides all the advancement patches, belt loops and pins.

Sponsor a Scout by Nativity Men's Club

This year, the NMC has generously contributed $1,500 to help defray the costs of scouting for the Pack!  The money will be used to assist families who have multiple Scouts where the first scout pays full price but then additional Scout costs are halved and halved again.  This will be paid out on a first-come, first-served basis until funding runs out.  For example, for a family with 4 Scouts, the first Scout will cost $180 then the second will cost $90, third $45 and the fourth $0.  Please email mfcatlin@yahoo.com to claim your deductions!  

To be paid, you will need to have registered your Scouts with the council, then e-mail Morgan Catlin <mfcatlin@yahoo.com> who will mail you a check.

New Fundraiser - Soups, Pizzas and more!  

Pack 9067 is fundraising this year with Simpls, a St. Paul based company that makes food from scratch using local, organic and sustainable ingredients. This fundraiser is 100% contact-free, the food gets delivered right to your doorstep, and runs through January 9, 2022.

Simply go to their website: www.simpls.com and place an order of $30 or more, enter the promo code at checkout: (9067PACK1)

You can use the promo code as many times as you like during the fundraising period. Once you order, you’ll get frozen goodies delivered directly to your door within two business days. Thank you for supporting your local cub scouts!

Popcorn Fundraising

Hi Nativity Cub Scout Pack 9067 parents and scouts!


Today we are starting WEEK 2 of the 5 week Popcorn sales, our pack’s annual fundraiser. The sale is fun for many of the boys and girls (and they win prizes - seriously, lots of prizes!), gives you money to pay for scout activities, and supports our cub scout pack and our fun activities. 70% of sales goes to scouting! 


The first (and required) step is to register to sell popcorn at https://www.trails-end.com and then make sure to also get the Trails End APP on your smart phone. This creates your scout’s popcorn account. We will use the app for EVERYTHING - it takes credit cards (no processing fees!), tracks inventory, and gives you the scout’s online selling link. If you need to create a new account, you’ll need this info: Council: Northern Star, District I: North Star, and Pack/Unit: 9067.

(Note: If you’ve sold before – you’re already in the system and I can see your activity in my “leader” portal.)


1. SELL ONLINE: This method is strongly recommended. Online, there are additional products available and there are free shipping periods. Scouts also receive more prize credits by selling online. Use the personalized LINK found in the Trails End app and send it to friends and family IN ANY LOCATION, post it on Facebook, etc. IT IS EASY and you don’t need to touch inventory at all. Online orders ship DIRECTLY to recipients. Easy!!

2. TAKE ORDERS: Collect orders from friends and family, then let me know when you’re done. I have products in my garage and the DEADLINE for this is November 8. Use the last page of this packet for products available and pricing: https://www.buyscoutpopcorn.com/Proof.pdf. I also have lots of hard copies – let me know if you want some. 

3. STOREFRONTS: Scout dad Patrick Schneeman worked with each location and set up shifts to sell popcorn outside Thomas Liquors, Widmers, outside Mass (Donut Sunday!) etc. SHIFTS ARE AVAILABLE THIS WEEKEND. Sign up for all shifts in the Trails End APP! Patrick will prep you with everything – a table, credit card device, and popcorn to sell. It’s fun and easy and yes, we sell a LOT of popcorn this way. Again, sign up to do this in the Trails End app. Love the app.

4. WAGON ORDERS: This called “wagon” because it’s when you might put popcorn in a wagon (and have it in-hand, not just an order form) and go door to door or something like that. Yes, I have popcorn in my garage. Want some to go door to door with it in hand? Let me know and I’ll leave some out for you in my inside front porch. Note --- “TAKE ORDERS” is preferred to this method, this is an option because frankly - it’s better to sell, sell, sell!

This is our Cub Scout Pack’s big fundraiser so thanks for your active participation. Please be in touch with me (Leslie, contact info below) directly for any questions. I will continue to email each week with updates.

Thank you from your 2022 Popcorn Crew:

Leslie Rosedahl, 1765 Ashland Avenue, LeslieRosedahl@gmail.com, Mobile: 651.353.1818 (Owen’s Mom)

And Patrick Schneeman, patrickschneeman@gmail.com, Mobile: 651.341.8278 (Andrew and Charlie’s Dad)

Calendar Released

Pack67's calendar has been built out on Scoutbook (here's a handy link to import/subscribe the calendar into yours: https://scoutbook.scouting.org/ics/111395.A95F0.ics).  Den meetings will occur the first Tuesday of each month, starting in October and the last will be May.  The Pack meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month, starting in September and the last will be May.

Both meetings are scheduled to start at 6pm in the Nativity of Our Lord School Cafeteria.  The Pack meeting will start with a short 15-minute program to cover awards, upcoming events and handing out Pinewood Derby kits, followed by Den meetings.  The goal is to get each Scout through their required adventures before the Blue & Gold Dinner in February where they will receive their awards.

2021/22 Welcome Letter

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Scouting year!  We understand Covid was a major disruption and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to in-person meetings and continuing to build on the strong foundation of Nativity Scouts.  A few housekeeping items:

Register here! https://www.adventureiscalling.org/join/Pack-9067

Virtus training for Parents & Adult Leaders! https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/

Here’s a preview of what we are looking forward to this year:

We will also be working with Nativity Parish, School and other organizations to help out where we can.  Popcorn sales will continue to be a Scouting staple for those looking to fund camps and extracurricular activities.  The Pack is also exploring several new fundraisers to defray future Scout and Camp registration costs (the goal is to be fee free!).

Sincerely, your Pack 67 Committee